The Venture Embassy is a place where businesses exhibit their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers.

We passionately believe that world affaires should not harm the business, so we have set ourselves a goal of enabling you to promote and meet business partners from anywhere. We provide you with an end-to-end solution – promotion, sales services and business partners matching. 


-You get edited and published PR release in English!
-You get customized appointment booking system for ZOOM meetings!
-You get a list of leads interested in your solutions!


The Venture Embassy holds a Business Partner Relations function for a Client and support the Client’s business in its market entry and business development efforts.

– Managing the communication between The Client, its management team and Business Partners.

-Help in support releasing information, handling inquiries and meetings.

-Providing feedback to management.


For our clients with innovative and market-ready products we:

-> help them enter new markets with our business relations services, where we connect and communicate with existing and potential business partners on behalf of our clients and build a strong and fruitful relationship.

-> design, publish and disseminate a story for our client. We structure world-class communications and optimize messaging to business partners and investors.

-> set up a 24/7 agent touchpoint where our agents contact and meet potential business partners and buyers.

-Engaging with existing and prospective business partners building strong and fruitful relationships

-Be a key craftsperson of our Clients story alongside the management team

-Structuring and creating a world-class communication and optimize the messaging towards business partners and investors

-Think about the Client’s business, the sector, the important KPIs and build a story

Many businesses that sell products or services to other businesses are often overwhelmed by inquiries for their product or service.  This makes it difficult for a business to distinguish between genuine customers and customers who have little interest in buying from them.

Moreover, a very large number of regular inquiries from potential customers requires a company to have a large number of well-trained employees who can handle such inquiries. Handling each inquiry as if it were genuine would take a lot of time and effort. In short, buyers have few clues when it comes to understanding who might be a genuine customer and who is simply making a casual inquiries.

At the same time buyers have a hard time finding the right supplier for them. It takes a lot of time and money for them to identify the suitable business partner with whom they can create a long-term relationship.

This is why the services of an online portal that enables buyers and sellers to distinguish real from fake clients and business partners are so important.

The Venture Embassy platform was designed with lean entrepreneurs in mind. The entrepreneurs with market ready products who want to grab their share in the market.

  1. We Select organisation(s) with shared interest, vision, goal & objectives.
  2. We learn to Understand partners‘ motivations and interests.
  3. We Choose diverse and credible partners with market ready products.
  4. We Analyse their strengths and weaknesses to ensure they get service that suits them perfectly.

We are covering many markets across the world with our agent network. Our agents are also researching the market for our Clients and representing them as well as local business partner relationship managers.

In the past we’ve figured out how to enter new markets quickly and with little effort, how to build international relationships that last and are more profitable, and incidentally, we can do it virtually risk-free, and we think we’ve got the best team from the U.S. State Dept. Foreign Exchange Programs to get behind it.

You need to buy one of our release products!

  1. Sign In and Log into your account.  
  2. Click on Submit Release Here button and select the type of release.
  3. Create Your Post, upload Multimedia and Schedule or Publish. 
  4. We will take it from here.

No, there are no restrictions imposed on the number of services purchased.

Speaking of agile expansion options, it’s best to keep it lean when taking a business overseas. Provider of business development services like The Venture Embassy (TVE) can help an organization save money, time and resources. In addition, if a market does not prove successful, TVE makes it easier to compliantly exit a market with ease.

In comparison, companies that establish a full legal entity within a market can expect to spend thousands of dollars and multiple months. Additionally, if a market isn’t successful and a company needs to pull out, the cost and time it took to set up can be expected to triple in order to compliantly teardown operations. On top of it all, a foreign subsidiary means a company is responsible to manage all compliance requirements and labor laws in any country they have operations.

TVE is the right business development partner for lean business expansion success. 

Business development is the activity of pursuing strategic opportunities for a particular business or organization, for example by cultivating partnerships or other commercial relationships, or identifying new markets for its products or services.

Commercial Diplomacy focuses on generating commercial gains in the form of trade and inward and outward investment by means of business and entrepreneurship promotion and facilitation activities in the host country. It can also be done between two or more countries at the same time.

The Venture Embassy’s  Commercial Diplomacy (CDC ) business support services are designed to assist business development and in delivering opportunities for businesses to benefit from the forces of globalization.

Lack of trade intelligence is one of the main reasons why companies do not engage in international trade or struggle to survive when they do. Research confirms that sales increase when governments and companies have access to a good international support network that provides effective services to promote trade and attract investment, with significant spillover effects for the economy as a whole.

We also know that new digital platforms and private sector players offer new options for providing this international network at a reduced cost, meaning that any company working smartly can compete with those that have well-established teams in many markets.

Authorisation letter is a document which enables The Venture Embassy and the entity being registered on The Venture Embassy to enter into a commercial agreement. Fill the authorisation letter with the available information and save the form for completion.

A Principal Authorised Representative or an Authorised signatory is an official who can represent the brand and enter in a contract on behalf of the organisation.

The release services are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise agreed.

The Venture Embassy distributes the content through the following mechanisms:

  1. Publish Your Story on The Venture Embassy, all subscribers/partners to receive the content through our platform
  2. Distribute the content globally to Partner digital publications
  3. Distribute the Story through RSS feeds
  4. Contact interested Parties in the The Venture Embassy Matchmaking pipeline
  5. Publish the offer in The Venture Embassy online affiliate marketing store

The Venture Embassy assures guaranteed placement of Your Story on The Venture Embassy digital publications. The placement on a front page or certain section cannot be committed.


The content on The Venture Embassy will be published within 24 hours of submission if adhereing to the expected standards of publishing. 

Yes, Your release can be scheduled for a particular day and time.

Yes, Your Story may be rescheduled to a different date and time. Rescheduling is allowed up to 24 hours prior to the publishing time.

Any content i.e. Your Story and Your Update can be edited up to 24 hours prior to the publishing time.

Any content i.e. Your Story and Your Update can be withdrawn or deleted. However, if the content is already published, we will not be able to withdraw it from external websites/google.

Yes, there are word limits as per the content type given check Press Release Pricing & Comparison Chart

The Venture Embassy doesn’t edit or add any content that has been submitted for publishing, unless upon request.

Yes, images, documents, and Youtube/Vimeo videos can be embedded along with the stories.

The Venture Embassy will allow a user to upload an image with a story. However, if there is a requirement to upload more images, the user can purchase and upload up to 5 images.

The Venture Embassy will allow a user to embed one Youtube/Vimeo video with a story unless otherwise stated in a submit package

Yes, brands can be added at any point. The registered user can go to the edit profile in their account and make the necessary additions or send us an email to approvals@venturecactus

Yes, a user can view the complete history of a product purchase, allocation, and consumption.

Yes, a registered user has the access right to assign different brands or roles to the managers. These rights are flexible and can be changed as per requirement.

Yes, an account of a Brand Manager can be deactivated anytime. The registered user can go to the settings in their account and make the necessary changes.

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