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The Venture Embassy Initiative focuses on promoting entrepreneurial mobility by facilitating access to the EU market through active promotion, capacity building and B2B networking.

We help companies and entrepreneurs who want to expand their business to the EU market, who have a product with traction and who lack the resources to expand.

We create a virtual contact point for these companies and entrepreneurs to help them promote and actively communicate with the market. We also connect them with interested companies and organizations in the EU market looking for resources through our B2B networks.

By promoting your entrepreneurial mission and vision in the EU market, we strengthen cross-continental, people-to-people and business relationships.

Our mission:

Economic empowerment of local businesses

Overcoming cultural and language barriers.

Access to knowledge, professionals and business experts,

Responding to the challenges of unemployment

market access

Extending your reach into Europe.


Helping you start sales operations.

virtual presence

Establishing your virtual presence.


Connecting global markets.

If you are a Company or Entrepreneur

Join us!!

Promote your entrepreneurial mission and vision in the EU market by strengthening cross-continental, people-to-people and business relationships.

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What partners says about us!

The Venture Embassy Initiative represents a unique opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs to create a foothold in the European market.

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