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Publish your company’s business/product presentation on The Venture Embassy and get your own virtual representative office with full business development support in the market of your choice (SEE).


Companies get full business development support for a period of 1 year in form of business leads, an online appointment booking system with an option of virtual meetings with clients & sales and distribution support for products.


Take advantage of The Venture Embassy business development agency services NOW and make your sales faster, easier and cheaper.

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Reasons Why Businesses are Choosing The Venture Embassy

Virtual Office


Our main service is a Virtual Office, which is used by companies and entrepreneurs as their main office to conduct their business development activities in a market of their choice without having to open a physical office.


The Venture Embassy business development agents procure business leads.


B2B Matching

Companies get qualified business leads. The Venture Embassy Business Matching team will find you, business partners, with a confirmed interest in the market of your choice.


We chose B2B Matching as it makes lead qualification much faster and easier.

*No credit card required.

Sales &  Distribution

Our customers have the opportunity to participate in our Market Partner Program, where they have an option to join as affiliate marketing partners or can secure a spot in our online marketplace and sell directly through the TVE netowork.


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