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MF: Easy-Clean, 15″ Laptop Backpack | Secure | RiutBag+

RiutBag+ lets you clean your backpack in seconds with wipeable surfaces throughout. The secure laptop backpack lets you remove traces of bacteria and viruses ...

📣Global Youth Challenge Hackaton – Change the future of sustainable Mobility!

Change the future of sustainable Mobility! As the world changes and the sustainable mobility ecosystem gathers to find solutions to tomorrow’s ...

📣Smart Cities Datathon 2021 – Digital Solutions for Livable Cities – Deadline: May 31, 2021

CHALLENGE OVERVIEW Country: ADB member countries Financial coverage: Fully Funded Eligible Regions: Asia, Europe, Pacific, ASEAN ...

📣Open Call – Visa Everywhere Initiative 2021 Global

Visa's global startup competition is looking for the brightest startups from around the world. One winner per region will be selected to compete in the global ...

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Entrepreneurial academics life – how to be successful in the world of academia

Researchers, being experts in the subject matter, need a very smart editing tool to achieve their goal of turning the complex text into articulate writing ...

📣 OPEN CALL – AG TECH – digital technologies transforming global food systems

The latest wave of digital technologies is transforming global food systems. Using deep tech innovations in the areas of Robotics, Data Collection ...

📣Open Call – The universe is calling all entrepreneurs and startups to lift-off to space through SUN Open Calls.

At SUN, they are all about creating opportunities to help entrepreneurs, startups and SME’s grow, connect, and evolve in the downstream and upstream space ...

WorldChicago Coffee Conversation: Where in the World is the Best Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

According to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index, the United States ranks first out of 138 countries for the best environment for ...

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Limited edition: Easy-Clean, 15″ Laptop Backpack | Secure | RiutBag+

Never worry your backpack is carrying germs or contaminants again. RiutBag+ was designed in response to Covid-19 in 2020. It was funded on Kickstarter in ...

THE METAVERSE: A glimpse into the future of work – Free Registration

-> REGISTER HERE! Virbela's mission is to help people thrive in a remote-first future. Since 2012, they have been engineering and designing immersive 3D ...

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